Barry Roubaix

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Barry Roubaix

Postby The Benchmark » Thu Feb 18, 2016 9:59 am

Barry Roubaix (BRX for short)

Event Review

Name of the Event-Barry Roubaix

Type of Event (ie. Race, Tour, club ride, etc.)-Gravel Road Race

Disciplne (Mountain, road, CX, gravel, self-supported tour, etc.)-Technically gravel, but there is a fatbike category, and I would say that half of the field is on mountain bikes.

Date of the Event-April 16, 2016. Previously it was the 3rd week of March

Details of the event-Barry Roubaix is a 22, 36, or 62 mile gravel road race. Previously the race was held in March and the weather was hit or miss. This is the first year that the event will be in April, so hopefully the weather will be a little better. You know what? It was in March last year, and the weather was great!

Your review of the event-For the 2015 season, I did the 36 mile race, and I LOVED it. For an early season race, the distance was just right for me. The weather was a bit chilly last year, but it was sunny and the course was dry. The race course is nothing special, just some dirt road that you are riding around for a few hours. There are a couple of climbs here and there, but nothing major, just some shorty "punchy" climbs. I did it on my mountain bike, and it was fine. I didn't win or anything, but I felt comfortable on my MTB. If you are racing this race to be more competitive and go for a class win, I would say that a CX bike is a requirement, but if you just want to do the race and get in the mix with a couple thousand people, you'll be fine on your mountain bike. The course was very similar to the Milford dirt roads route.

Level of skill required for the event-If you can comfortably ride 22 miles without stopping, you can do this race. The 3 distance choices make it pretty accessible for most riders. The 62 miler is a killer. It's just a lot of riding early in the year.

Positive things about the event (Pros)-Course is fun, a good race course, and the climbs are enough to keep it interesting. The post race festivities are top notch, and there is plenty do following the event. Registration is easy, plenty of bathrooms for before the race, and they started the waves on time.

Negative things about the event (Cons)-It is not a technical course at all. Being early in the season, the weather is hit or miss. Maybe this will be a non issue in April. A few years ago I did the 62 miler and it was a solid sheet of ice and cold as heck.

Would you recommend this event to others?-Yes. If you are looking for a good race with a lot of competition, this is it. If you want a great ride with plenty of people to cruise with, this is it. If you want a technical singletrack trail, this is not that. If you want a balls to the wall twisty CX course, this is not that either. This is one of the best gravel grinders out there.

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the worst thing ever, 10 being the greatest thing in the world) what would you rate this event?-7. It's pretty good. I am also rating it a 7 for the 36 miler. I did the 36 last year, and it seemed like it was a great distance for me.
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Re: Barry Roubaix

Postby Schandy » Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:38 pm

This was my first race as a Puppy last year. I agree with the Benchmark but would add: This race had an awesome team presence last year. Double wide RG tent, next to shop trailer, on the street right in front of the finish line and across from the stage. We had a place for bags, a changing area, a keg, coffee, continental breakfast, post race chili, seating and a bullet heater. I don't want to make any commitments on behalf of the team Captain for this year, but I remember thinking last year that the RG Race Experience was far more awesome than I was expecting!
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